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Bariatric Surgery in Dubai

It entails several surgical procedures that minimize the size of the stomach and small intestine. As a result, the amount of food ingested is reduced, satiety happens more quickly, the number of nutrients absorbed by the intestines reduces, and patients lose an average of 40-70 percent of their excess weight.

Treatment Methods: There are several methods for dealing with excess weight. The techniques are broadly classified into three types:

Sleeve Gastrectomy

This procedure converts the stomach into a narrow tube that cannot physically hold a big amount of food. This is accomplished by removing the stomach’s side, and the incoming food is immediately emptied from it. At the same time, the stomach’s physiological valves are retained, and the stomach may function normally.


Gastric Plication

It is a method that involves lowering the volume of the stomach’s greater curvature without the use of foreign materials or resection. For a limited time, the operation is reversible, which implies that the stomach can return to its original shape without difficulties. It enables you to limit the amount of food you eat, which is a long-established strategy of losing weight.

Gastric Bypass

A small pocket of the stomach is formed from the main stomach and links to the small intestine in the middle of its length. To fill a smaller stomach, less food is required, and fullness develops faster after eating.