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The efficacy of Action II was improved

Action II’s efficacy has been enhanced -For cutaneous objectives, deeper penetration is sometimes required without jeopardizing safety. Action II achieves the best efficacy/safety balance due to its patent. Multiple stacking technology enables the doctor to drill 1-10 successive laser pulses into the targeted area to achieve the required depth.

  • Mode characterized by a long pulse
  • The long pulse mode delivers energy slowly, up to 1000 milliseconds, stimulating tissue regeneration by improving hemostasis and promoting elastin and collagen production, resulting in faster healing, less downtime, and a more rejuvenating effect.
  • Shining Peel’s patented handpiece emits a low level of energy that does not ablate the skin. As a result, no anesthetic is required, and there is no downtime.
  • Following the procedure, the skin’s outer epidermal layer flakes off, giving the appearance of new skin layers.

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